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[column width=”280px” padding=”10px”] UvA Talen inTense provides full-immersion language training for professionals and private individuals. Our training programme consists of modules that last one or several weeks. All programme activities take place in the centre of Amsterdam. During the training programme, you stay in an attractive, high-quality hotel that is just a stone’s throw from the Mint Tower and the Flower Market.  From breakfast until the end of the evening programme, you are effortlessly immersed in[/column]

[column width=”120px” padding=”10px”]the language that you wish to learn. In this way, you can reach a high level in a short time and develop thorough, practical skills in your chosen language. Of course programme participants don’t spend the whole day in the hotel! Each day, the schedule includes one or more study-related excursions to the many wonderful attractions that the dazzling city of Amsterdam has to offer.[/column]