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This inTense week is the best week I ever experienced in the Netherlands.
Zahra Sahebi, Grimas - inTense Dutch

Hotel Impression

If you opt for our inTense Premium programme, during the training week you’ll be accommodated in the comfortable, attractive  Hotel Résidence Le Coin in the heart of Amsterdam. This three-star hotel is situated opposite the Hotel de L’Europe in the Doelenstraat. Several rooms have a wonderful view of the nearby Munttoren.

Hotel Résidence Le Coin is a pleasant, comfortable hotel with more than 80 rooms in the heart of Amsterdam. Like UvA Talen, Le Coin forms part of UvA Holding, the University of Amsterdam’s corporate organisation. The hotel is located between the university’s De Oude Manhuispoort premises, the Mint Tower and the Amstel River, directly opposite the chic Hotel de L’Europe. Hotel Résidence Le Coin is a three-star hotel.